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Tui Na massage is a recognized form or medical treatment for a wide range of health problems. In China every hospital has a Tui Na Department. Tui Na works on the energy channels and points based on the same principles as acupuncture, except that the hands and fingers are used, rather than needles. Thus, it is often known as acupressure in the West. By using a variety of techniques (soft or hard, superficial or deep, general or more precise, slow or fast, etc.) the practitioner can balance the Qi, the vital substances and the internal organs on which the health of a person’s body and mind depend. It is usually applied through the clothing and without oils. I use Tui Na in practice mostly for the treatment of pain in conjunction with acupuncture, and in treating children. It is an excellent alternative for patients who may be sensitive to the needles or prefer not to use them in treatment. Tui Na can be used to treat many of the same symptoms as acupuncture.
Like all forms of massage, many of the effects of Tui Na are brought about simply by its function of stimulating the flow of Qi, blood and body fluids. Many of our health problems are caused by blockages in these vital substances, leading to pain, swelling, build up of toxins, and other symptoms. Getting things moving again re-establishes the proper functioning of the body and the recovery of damaged tissues. Like acupuncture, a diagnosis using the pulses, tongue, and symptoms is compiled prior to treatment. By using the channels and points, the treatments are able to regulate all parts of the body and its systems. Deficient points can be strengthened, excess toxins can be expelled, and blockages cleared. When everything works more efficiently, the body’s natural healing processes can take over again.

Like all forms of traditional Chinese medicine, Tui Na works holistically, treating the mind through the body and vice versa. It leaves people with a deep sense of physical and mental relaxation, revitalization, and well being. An important effect of Tui Na is to bring a person’s awareness back to their own body and what’s going on in it; an essential first step in any healing process.
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